General cleaning: where to start

Generally, to save time some wise elder hostess advised to share an apartment on the zone (separate rooms), and at regular intervals to devote their time cleaning on any one area. For general cleaning, this concept is unlikely to be suitable.

First, cleaning is no longer a general, therefore, after its completion does not get enough of aesthetic pleasure.

Second, all efforts will come to naught when the cleanroom dirt (pet dander, dust, unnecessary things) will be moved from the premises which have not yet touched by a broom and mop.

And to start spring cleaning with better rooms, gradually moving into the kitchen, then the bathroom and toilet. Thus it is necessary to clean and shine to all, and at the same time filter out unnecessary things, immediately throwing them. Not only because it is necessary to Feng Shui. Firstly, in the house where there is no unnecessary things, really breathe easier. Secondly, an empty box that you keep just in case that’s already five years – is also a dust collector to clean up that you need to spend time.

Throw must not only bulky items that you do not need, but every little thing like the late cosmetics and medicines.

But it’s all conceptual side of general cleaning, tips to help you properly configured. But from a practical point of view, general cleaning should start with … windows. Remove the curtains, sending them to the laundry, and wash windows.

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