General cleaning: Guide to action

Ah, if only one dust was the catalyst that leads us to contrive such a large-scale acts as general cleaning. Then even men willingly agreed to this event, giving the fair sex traditionally male job – incumbency on the couch. But let’s be honest: general cleaning – it does not remove dust from the chest, and the division of domestic work on women’s and men – has long been outdated stereotype.

So prepare yourself mentally for the transformation of their own homes and show aerobatics, join this her man. Although women’s magazine Charla convinced that no better prepared mentally and technically, and then cleaning is fast and efficient.

General cleaning: be clear

In fact, indulging in pleasurable activities such as general cleaning, we pursue two objectives: to bring to the ideal that has not been brought before him earlier, and get to the corners of the apartment or house, the presence of which may suspect only small pets.

Regarding the first objective of dishes, which was once washed, carelessly, or, for example, things that magically created havoc in the space of the cabinet. Well, with an understanding of the second objective can easily do that, they appear later, when you have to figure out how to clean the floor under the double bed or remove dirt between the stove and kitchen cabinets.

In addition to defining the objectives should also define the scope. Many believe that the general cleaning – this floor, washed not once, but twice, or mirror, wipe more than one minute, and two. In fact, general cleaning and captures more time and more space. Typically, the field of activity does not end with the floor and shelves. Have to remember that in the house also has windows, furniture and ceiling.

But things did not lie in their places – this is not the object that should be eliminated during the general cleaning. There really is a rule that is not purely where sweeping, but where do not litter. Immediately spoon the things in its place. The rest of the general cleaning will not replace even daily surface cleaning.

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